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Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.
— Bertolt Brecht

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Amanita muscaria

Limited Edition by Marilyn Morrill Droege

 (c) 2004 Good Nature Publishing Co.

Amanita muscaria 11" x 13"


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Fungus Among Us!  Start your Limited Edition Collection today!

Amanita muscaria (11" x 13") by Puget Sound Mycological Society Board Member Marilyn Morrill (copyright Good Nature Publishing Co. 2004) is beautifully illustrated mushroom art. 

Good Nature's giclee limited edition fine print is signed and numbered by the artist, and comes with a certificate for you to keep with the details of our printing process, number of edition and size.

Beautiful! Retail price $75--  $49 each online, or two for $80.00

Award winning artist Marilyn Morrill Droege is one of the Northwest's most gifted watercolorists, and naturalist. My friend and Good Nature's fine artist Jean Emmons, recommended her to me.

I printed Marilyn's mushroom scene Amanita on a beautiful, thick watercolor paper.  Printed on archival acid free paper.

I recommend you order today. There are only 250 Amanita muscaria giclee prints available for sale. 

Get yours today and become a proud owner of an early edition.

Hope you find a good home for them. Enjoy!

Order online, or please email me or call 206-271-3490.

Thanks!  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Timothy Colman, Publisher

Good Nature Publishing Co.

Seattle WA