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Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.
— Bertolt Brecht

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First Edition "First Light"  painted by John C. Pitcher

9" x 24"


9" x 24"


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9" x 24"
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First Edition "Fire on the Mountain" by John C. Pitcher

9" x 24"


9" x 24"


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9" x 24"
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Recommend: Old Growth Forest, NW Native Conifers, Broadleaved Trees, NW Woodland Wildflowers, Salmon, & Watershed Map


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24" x 36"


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24" x 36"
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Final art by John C. Pitcher. 

What will Northwest forests look like in 100 years?  What plants and animals are on the move because of climate impacts?  How fast are glaciers changing? What about invasives?  Can you tell local vs. regional climate impacts?  This artwork and narrative on the back explores the dynamic forces at work in our forests because of climate change.

Climate Impacts on a Northwest Forest


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Great for teaching about climate impacts on Northwest Forests, gifts, volunteer appreciations.

(Species list for first and second scene below. )

Back of poster field guide will focus on climate impacts, maps showing key species impacts, and references.


First image Species List:
WILDLIFE - left to right

* Blue Grouse on deadfall

* Olympic Marmot

* Northern raven

* Columbian Black-tailed Deer

* Olympic Chipmunk

* Golden Eagle

PLANTS - l to r

* Dominant tree shown is the Subalpine Firs (Abies lasiocarpa)

* Avalanche Lily (E. montana)

* Magenta Paintbrush (Castilleja sp.

* Beargrass (Xerophyllum tenax)

* Broadleaf Lupine L. latifolius)

* American Bistort (Polygonum bistortoides)

* Field Pussytoes (Antenneria neglecta ssp. howellii)

* Arrowleaf Groundsel (Senecio triangularis)

* Grass species

2100 Species list

* Steller's Jay
* Bobcat
* Roosevelt Elk
* American Kestrel
* Northern Flicker
* Barred owl


* Subalpine Fir
* Douglas Fir
* Japanese Knotweed(Arctostophylos patula)
* Spotted Knapweed(centaurea stoebe)
* Greenleaf Manzanita(Polygonum cuspidatum)
* Common Mullein(Verbascum thapsus)


* A Forest fire is burning on the middle ground ridge.
* tree line has moved up the distant mountain
* The glacier and perennial snow fields on the mountain have retreated.
* foreground will shows burned snags from forest fires