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Northwest Native
Broadleaved Trees

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Trees included on this print:

• Madrona • Western Hackberry • Black Cottonwood • Quaking Aspen • Western Serviceberry • Oregon Crabapple • Black Hawthorn • Western Hazelnut • Paper Birch • Water Birch • Sitka Alder • Red Alder • White Alder • Pacific Dogwood • Cascara • Tan Oak • Pacific Wax Myrtle • Bitter Cherry • Pacific Willow • Peachleaf Willow • Red Willow • Scouler's Willow • Oregon Myrtle • Golden Chinquapin • Canyon Live Oak • Oregon White Oak • Kellogg's Oak • Bigleaf Maple • Rocky Mountain Maple • Vine Maple • Oregon Ash • Blue Elderberry



Leaf image (late summer/early fall phase), linked by number to central image
Acorn/Seed image
Common and botanical names
Illustrated by Michael Lee, color pencil

Printed in Seattle, Washington USA on quality recycled paper