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Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.
— Bertolt Brecht

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Concept: Pyramid Ales approached me to make a poster with all the local microbreweries to get their respective names and art on the same poster.  Applications for posters are for sale, as marketing and low cost beautiful collector's items. 

Here are three rough draft styles to get your eyes on the prize and help me craft a beautiful template for the microbrewery industry. 

Since there are over 200 microbreweries in the Pacific Northwest, we will only have room for a limited number of logos on each poster.  See under each draft image for estimated number of logos. 

Fonts will be tweaked, and the artwork can be changed easily. 

Thoughts, ideas, questions?  Please contact Timothy Colman or call me @ 206 271 3490.  Thanks!

Timothy Colman, publisher

Good Nature Publishing


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24" x 18"

Love Your Stream    $14.99 ea

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Love Your Stream

Illustrated by Sherry Neidigh ©2009 Good Nature Publishing Company • Seattle, Washington • 206-271-3490 • • Printed in the USA.

Interested in ordering?  Buy online or call Good Nature today.  Special offer:  Order 1000 for limited time only for $2.50 ea and get your agency name and logo on the poster free, or write me: Timothy


Clean Water Practices:

Look for ways that this family is helping their watershed and themselves stay healthy!

We can all do our part–one yard at a time!

Love the stream, river, or wetland near your home by helping your family take good care of the plants,
water and soil in your backyard.

• Pick up after your pets
• Use soaker hoses
• Set up a rain barrel
• Keep litter out of creeks
• Make a worm bin
• Leave wildlife alone
• Make a compost fence
• Build a rain garden
• Build a bat house
• Minimize use of chemicals
• Provide water for wildlife

Remember, the more trees and plants that you and your family leave along the stream, the healthier the stream will be!

Low Impact Livinga new poster field guide to green living

call 206 271 3490


Final Oil Painting by Teresa Fasolino























Illustrated by Teresa Fasolino

Low Impact Development Practices: 1. Rain Garden; 2. Pervious Pavers; 3. Pervious Pavement; 4. Green Roof; 5. Cistern; 6. Rain Barrels; 7. Bio Infiltration Swale

See the back of this poster for more information. ©2009 Good Nature Publishing Company • Seattle, Washington • 206-271-3490

Low Impact Living sponsoring organizations:
City of Oregon City
City of Tacoma
Pierce County
Metro (Oregon)
Clean Water Services
(Washington County Special District)
Clackamas County SWCD
East Multnomah SWCD
Stewardship Partners

Low Impact Living techniques use natural processes to help manage stormwater. Innovative and low cost “water smart” practices allow us to build in ways that keep pollution out of our waterways that have immediate and positive impacts. Protect native soils, forests, and prairies by grading and clearing as little as possible when building or remodeling. Capture rainwater in a barrel or cistern and build rain gardens that manage rainwater on site. Use pervious driveways, walkways, and patios that allow stormwater to absorb back into the ground instead of running off. Build green roofs and green walls that absorb stormwater and slow down the run off. Use minimal yard chemicals to protect groundwater and surface waterways.

Imagine a green permeable skin on our city.  The new green American community featuring rain gardens, swales, green roofs, pervious pavers, cisterns, rain barrels, native plants, pervious pavement, and biodiversity.  Restoring natural processes to land that has been paved over so that it can breathe again.

Good Nature's beautiful educational poster has been developed for one reason:  pictures are powerful ways of teaching people low impact development practices.  The front practices listed above are beautifully rendered by artist Teresa Fasolino.  And the back of the poster is full of tips on how to get started.

Interested in ordering?  Discounts Buy 2 get 2 free, Buy 30 for $6.99 ea, 100 for $2.99, 200+ for $2.50 ea,

500 for $2.50 ea. w your logo on it.   Order 1000 for $2.50 ea and get your agency name and logo on the poster free.  Call 206 271 3490 or write Timothy

Landscape plant list

I've included a planting list. Each plant is organized to look bestfrom front to back of the poster along each side of the road/path for"paint by number".


1. Wax myrtle
2. Beaked sedge
3. Sword Fern
4. Dwarf Red twig dogwood
5. Spirea
6. Ledum
7. Juncus
8. Cornus stol sunshine
9. Flowering currant
10. Deschampria
11. Western azalea
12. Oregon grape
13. Nootka Rose

END.  Write me here or call 800 631 3086


12/1/2008:  Good Nature's artists are beginning work on a Green Roof poster, a Low Impact Development poster, a new Climate Impacts on NW Forests, and a Climate Impacts on Pacific Salmon Habitat.  Write or call me if interested in these titles.

I am sketching out new "Green White House" art-- to give the Obama's a picture of how great their new home could be with a garden on the roof, organic gardening instead of lawn, some solar paneling and other green elements.  Let me know what you want to see-- it is your house, too!

New Save Our Wild Salmon Habitat Stickers -- postcard size!

  Native Trees of Yosemite maybe 2009

6/2008 Upcoming Rain Garden poster design page

NEW:  Giant Sequoia Community Poster by award winning artist John C. Pitcher

NEW: " Be Green" Climate Crisis Art

Aspen Communities Poster Base Camp

NEW!  Ancient Forest Fauna Series by Ram Papish.

Amanita muscaria watercolor by Marilyn Droege. Order today!

California Oak Woodland Community by Suzanne Duranceau 

Northwest Old Growth Forest **NOW AVAILABLE**
Glimpse the rich, diverse ecosystem of the Northwest's temperate rainforest. This print features the fine detailed illustration of Ms. Suzanne Duranceau.


For Fun: Knuckleball & Slider Pitches

The Baseball by Dugald Stermer

American Bumble Bee by Dugald Stermer

Flora & Fauna Greeting Cards


Quantity discounts available for all art if you teach or want to wholesale Good Nature's posters. Call me at 1-800 631 3086 for more info.

Peace. Tim Colman, poster sherpa