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Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.
— Bertolt Brecht

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Camp Glenorchy Artist Examples




Artist Name Sample Comments
Rebecca Gilmore, NZ

Rebecca Gilmore lives in New Zealand and has a wonderful eye for detail. 

Cabin #7 bird here: An example with a the Kereru she painted. 

She is great at close ups like this one.

I have not talked with her yet about our project, but feel like there would be some good resources for artists coming to your camp and paintig, teaching.   

















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24" x 18"

Love Your Stream    $14.99 ea

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Love Your Stream

Illustrated by Sherry Neidigh ©2009 Good Nature Publishing Company • Seattle, Washington • 206-271-3490 • • Printed in the USA.

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Clean Water Practices:

Look for ways that this family is helping their watershed and themselves stay healthy!

We can all do our part–one yard at a time!

Love the stream, river, or wetland near your home by helping your family take good care of the plants,
water and soil in your backyard.

• Pick up after your pets
• Use soaker hoses
• Set up a rain barrel
• Keep litter out of creeks
• Make a worm bin
• Leave wildlife alone
• Make a compost fence
• Build a rain garden
• Build a bat house
• Minimize use of chemicals
• Provide water for wildlife

Remember, the more trees and plants that you and your family leave along the stream, the healthier the stream will be!











Save Our Wild Salmon Habitat Stickers -- postcard size!

  Native Trees of YosemiteLooking fir sponsors

Giant Sequoia Community Poster by award winning artist John C. Pitcher

Aspen Communities Poster Base Camp

Ancient Forest Fauna Series by Ram Papish.

Amanita muscaria watercolor by Marilyn Droege. Order today!

California Oak Woodland Community by Suzanne Duranceau 

Northwest Old Growth Forest **NOW AVAILABLE**
Glimpse the rich, diverse ecosystem of the Northwest's temperate rainforest. This print features the fine detailed illustration of Ms. Suzanne Duranceau.


For Fun: Knuckleball & Slider Pitches

The Baseball by Dugald Stermer

American Bumble Bee by Dugald Stermer

Flora & Fauna Greeting Cards


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