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Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.
— Bertolt Brecht

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Praise for Good Nature's Natural History Posters

"Good Nature's Natural History Field Guide Posters:When I first looked at these scientifically detailed posters, it was the geek in me that responded to the portrayals of ecosystems and plant groups. But it's the beauty of the original art that stays with me.

Most of the prints are centered with an overall drawing. Around the margins are details of individual leaves or animals. More than a dozen subjects are covered, including Northwest woodland wildflowers, native broad-leaved trees, Pacific salmon and the very cool Washington state fossils. Printed in Seattle on recycled paper. " Kym Pokorny, Garden Writer The Oregonian


"We've have gotten so many teachers writing thank you letters for giving them the California Oak Woodland Community poster -- they really appreciate the quality art and educational value of this poster you designed for us. Thanks!"

Janet Santos Cobb, President

California Oak Foundation

"As a gardener, I love Good Nature's fine horticultural art. Several prints grace the walls of my home."
Steve Lorton,
Sunset Magazine


"Northwest Woodland Wildflowers offers you a stunning print on thick, creamy paper, richly illustrated by award winning botanical illustrator Jean Emmons. Here 34 gorgeous garden worthy native flowers are portrayed in a forest vignette. The painting manages to be both dazzling from across the room and incredibly detailed close at hand, where further inspection rewards the eye endlessly."
Ann Lovejoy,
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Thanks for the beautiful Hummingbird Garden! I loved it so much I called my Mom right away to let her know I'm getting her one, too."
Lori G., Portland, OR

"Breathtaking color and exceptional quality makes Garden Herbs by Michael Lee perfect for framing or planning your own herb garden."
Country Home Magazine

"It is a joy to have art work that truly captures the characteristic color and bearing of trees. Viewers need only imagine the resinous forest fragrance, its whispering sounds and birds songs."
Arthur Lee Jacobson, Author
North American Landscape Trees

"Those cedars, firs and hemlocks that have you confused when trying to identify them can now be easily recognized on a handsome 2' x 3' poster… With this on the wall by the breakfast table, you'll soon know 32 of them at a glance…"
George Waters, Former Editor
Pacific Horticulture

"This grand tree poster… one that not only looks good and lets the eye wander, but actually comes in handy: Northwest Native Conifers is an elegant rendering."
Eric Scigliano
The Seattle Weekly

"The Pacific Salmon of North America print captures the tenacity and beauty of Pacific salmon and steelhead like no other. It should hang in schools, homes, and the offices of elected officials -- to give notice that these fish are worth fighting for!"
Guido Rahr, Executive Director, Wild Salmon Center

"An inspiring reminder of the awesome beauty of the Pacific Salmon, and another reason to care about these fish."
James Lichatowich, Fisheries Biologist