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Subtropical Trees of California



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Subtropical trees included on this print:

• Norfolk Island Pine • Bunya-Bunya • Sentry Palm • King Palm • Queen Palm • Canary Island Date Palm • Date Palm • Mexican Fan Palm • Guadalupe Palm • Mexican Blue Palm • Floss Silk Tree • Pink Trumpet Tree • Kaffirboom Coral Tree • Hong Kong Orchid Tree • Cape Chestnut • Avocado • Orange • Pohutukawa • Cajeput Tree • Weeping Bottlebrush • Lemon-Scented Gum • Red Ironbark • Tasmanian Blue Gum • Sugar Gum • Red-Flowering Gum • Indian Laurel Fig • Moreton Bay Fig • Carrotwood • Tipu Tree • Silk Oak • California Pepper Tree • Jacaranda • Cootamundra Wattle



Leaf/Flower/Frond image, linked by number to central image
Common and botanical names
Native country listing
Illustrated by Michael Lee, color pencil

Printed in Seattle, Washington USA on quality recycled paper