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Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.
— Bertolt Brecht

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Western Native Plants & Animals

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"Horticultural fine art!"  Sunset Magazine


"Good Nature's Natural History Field Guide Posters:When I first looked at these scientifically detailed posters, it was the geek in me that responded to the portrayals of ecosystems and plant groups. But it's the beauty of the original art that stays with me.

Most of the prints are centered with an overall drawing. Around the margins are details of individual leaves or animals. More than a dozen subjects are covered, including Northwest woodland wildflowers, native broad-leaved trees, Pacific salmon and the very cool Washington state fossils. Printed in Seattle on recycled paper. "

                                                                            Kym Pokorny, Garden Writer

                                                                                    The Oregonian

"Beautiful work on California Oak Woodland Community.  Our teachers who get them write about how much they love Good Nature's posters!" Janet Cobb, California Oak  Foundation

Learn, teach, restore and change the world.  Tim Colman, publisher


New first editions:  "First Light" & "Fire on the Mountain"


The Art of Clean Water Practices:  Low Impact Living & Love Your Stream posters


New Rain Garden Poster Field Guide


Pacific Northwest Old Growth Forest



NW Native Broadleaves

All 32 natives -- together for the first time! Illustrated by Mike Lee

NW Woodland Wildflowers

Painted by RHS Gold Medal winner Jean Emmons

Pacific Salmon

All five wild salmon & steelhead,  with range map showing extinctions of at least one species in red.  Art by Dugald Stermer

NW Watersheds Map
aka "Cascadia"

Custom Map for Good Nature by Raven Maps

NEW!  Pacific Northwest Hedgerows

Imagine a green farm with a living fence running through it!



Giant Sequoia poster for Yosemite

Aspen Ecosystem