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Trees of Yosemite Poster Base Camp

June 2008

Native Trees of Yosemite ROUGH SKETCH Layout

There are 25 native trees in Yosemite -- and Good Nature's latest poster will capture them all in their mature phase splendid glory.  Illustrated by horticultural expert and artist Mike Lee (Mike's first poster for Good Nature was the NW Native Conifers, followed by NW Broadleaved Trees, Native Oaks of California, Subtropical Trees of California.)

Here is a rough sketch of the Native Trees of Yosemite format -- and species list below for your review.


Native Species for "Native Trees of Yosemite"


1 Abies concolor / White fir
2 Abies magnifica / Red fir
3 Calocedrus decurrens / Incense cedar
4 Juniperus occidentalis / Sierra juniper
5 Pinus albicaulis / Whitebark pine
6 Pinus contorta / Lodgepole pine
7 Pinus jeffreyi / Jeffrey pine
8 Pinus monticola / Western white pine
9 Pinus ponderosa / Ponderosa pine
10 Pinus sabiniana / Gray pine
11 Pseudotsuga menziesii / Douglas fir
12 Sequoiadendron giganteum / Giant sequoia
13 Taxus brevifolia / Western yew
14 Torreya californica / California nutmeg
15 Tsuga mertensiana / Mountain hemlock


16 Acer macrophyllum / Bigleaf maple
17 Alnus rhombifolia / White alder
18 Cornus nuttallii / Pacificdogwood
19 Populus tremuloides / Quaking aspen
20 Populus balsamifera v trichocarpa / Black cottonwood
21 Quercus chrysolepis / Canyon live oak
22 Quercus kelloggii / California black oak
23 Quercus lobata / Valley oak
24 Salix lucida ssp lasiandra / Pacific willow

25 Umbellularia californica / California bay


Good Nature is contributing $5000 toward this new interpretive poster's launch.  We are looking for partners to fund design and development.  In exchange for ordering early-- before the art is completed -- with satisfaction guaranteed, you qualify for the following discounts.  And of course-- you get great quality art-- printed on Forest Stewardship Council 100# book weight papers. 

Prior to printing in August 2008 (estimated), you can order and save up to 85%!

$19.99/$35 laminated signed first edition by artist

1- 10 are $19.99 ea

100+ are $7.99 ea

1000+ are $4.99 ea-- save 60% +

5000 are $3.99 ea  Save 75% plus

10,000 are $2.50 ea with free logo and room for your green message and interpretive material on the back FREE in June.  (Saving $5000 in graphic design and printing fees)

More info?  Drop me a note.  Treemendously, Timothy