• Timothy S. Colman

Good news and happy sad about Good Nature

Dear friend of trees,

I'll be talking with a wholesale customer this week about picking up licensing for Good Nature's NW Conifers poster field guide.

That will be a great change and one I welcome, initiated. But the happy sad feelings are coming in waves, as this also signals an end of an era.

Ive been coaching more since 2015 when a dear friend asked me "Are you going to hang out behind your posters the rest of your life, or teach?" And I'll confess I'm a slow loris when it comes to change. Maybe that is what makes me great a coaching other people? I dunno.

Anyway, I'm looking at letting go of direct sales and shipping you these love offerings to our cousins the trees, and just wanted to let you know.

All things considered it has been a wonderful dream creating beautiful art with some of the best artists in the world. I had the hope we would create art for your walls that would get you outside and learn to love Mother Earth.

Hopefully a few teachers have found some benefit.

Maybe you are one of them.

We do have a Buy 1 get 1 free offer on all our posters including free shipping. I offered this through the 4th and have had such good sales, we'll keep it going through camping season.

I'm headed out for some backpacking in August. Hope you are getting outside, too.

If by chance you are looking for coaching and live in Seattle, I coach while walking around Green Lake. I also teach metta meditation while talking with trees. Just see a tree you like and give her or him a name. Then begin conversing with your cousin and see where the magic of your imagination practicing being present with Mother Earth takes you.

I'll leave you with some Mary Oliver:

Peace to you and your family.

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