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Change your Life in 90 Days With Once A Month Coaching Begins with a Free session.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Do you need expert listening and coaching once a month to navigate uncertainty into your new life at work or home? Transformation can happen faster when someone sees you, can help you become more yourself at work, home and in between.

Do you want to make some big changes but feel confused about next steps?

I like working with small business entrepreneurs, activists and artists to help you see the goodness as De Mello says. Is that you?

What to expect? I tune into what you are interested in talking about to begin.

Most changes people want to make can be effortless with a base of daily commitment to exercise and fitness. Expect to talk about your base exercise and eating habits, especially what whole foods you are eating.

Change can happen all at once, but most people start off using something like BJ Fogg's Tiny Habits. If you want to make a new habit, pair it with an old habit, underperform and celebrate!

Get in touch for a coaching conversation walking around Green Lake here in Seattle, or set up a phone call. First session is free.

If you find my presence and treasure chest of tools useful after our first meeting, we can set up time to talk about what is emerging once a month. Results: you'll have momentum and be on your way in 90 days.

Coaching is a sliding scale, my typical fee is $150 a session. I coach anyone who needs it, and help people stuck in our class war who are homeless, BIPOC, LGBTQ.

My politics is on the left side of the dial,and I am a treeist. In an apocalypse we have to begin to talk with trees, sing with bees and recognize our cousins in this life as worthy of our respect and loving kindness. The fact that most people see themselves as separate from others and separate from other Earth is an illusion that is killing us.

My coaching practice is grounded in attempts to see us the way Anthony De Mello talks about here:

See the goodness first in yourself and then others.

Thanks for reading and hope we can connect. Winter is a great time to launch new ventures, get started with dreams to action for the new year.

How to know if we are a good fit? First session is free, so hop in, the water is fine! In our first conversation you'll get deep listening to facilitate immediate action on your dream.


206 271 3490 (text to set up a meeting)

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Dec 04, 2022

Thank you, Tim! Your coaching has been instrumental in me finding more peace and prosperity. Keep your emails coming! Blair

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