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Listening for your Freedom and contentment
  • Listening for your Freedom and contentment

    I offer coaching walk and talks around Green Lake that take about an hour.  The time is well spent getting fresh air and feeling nature's glad tidings while we are talking about your dreams and obstacles to fullfilling them.  First session is free as a service to you to clear out cobwebs, plan your small business, sort through an impasse at work or home, and learn to talk with trees, see our cousins in the plant and animal world as spiritual allies and friends.


    My clients in Seattle meet at Retreat Cafe and then we loop the lake. 


    I also coach at your office and over the phone.  And first session to test drive my coaching and presence in your life is free. Set up a session today.


    I look forward to being of service.  Freedom from suffering is an inside job.


    Let's talk and open up a river of possibilities for joy in your life.


    What are your biggest challenges?


    What are obstacles to success?


    One on one program:


    1.  Four (4) weekly sessions first month


    2.  Twice (2) a month sessions


    3.  Once  in the 3rd month


    The 8 sessions (including 1st one for free) are $700



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