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True Nature

March 16, 2018


'..the way one wants to change isn't just from one category to another, or from being like some people to being like other people. One wants to change precisely into oneself, into more of oneself than one has been able to be so far...'


Eugene Gendlin


True Nature Trail Guide/ Coach/ Thought Partner:  serving people working for a greener more just world


I work with creative professionals, small business owners and activists working for a greener more just world to support and collaborate on transformations they want to make in their lives.  


The work listening deeply and helping tune to another's light and what excites them is a central part of helping people move from their vision and values to action.   In the process we talk about the art of possibility, and what challenges have to be overcome to create a meaningful life in flow.  


I work with a range of people.  I've been hired by millionaires who are creating their second or third businesses and want to elevate to the next level. 


And I work with people who are caught in the class war, stranded people without homes who are labeled schizophrenic.  I  support and collaborate with  low income students who have ideas for their future but have not learned to consciously create it.  


I enjoy being with people as they sort out their emerging future.   

Most people mindlessly allow the preset future to unfold without their own say so.  Or they dream about a potential future without commitment.  During a first session that is a gift of time between us, we figure out if the commitment is there for us to deepen into another conversation. 


 I teach people how to create their future in the present.  There is really nothing else.  You can dwell in the past regrets or the future daydreams, but you cannot create anything in either place.  


The present is where we have leverage. The present is perfect because you can learn quickly from it.  The present is perfect because it is the culmination and synthesis of the past.  The present is perfect because it is all there is...


There are practices to cultivate learning to be present.  When you learn to meditate, get exercise, write in a journal every day, enter into deep conversations with people and create room to relax here and now, there is a lot of energy released and enthusiasm for you and your life with others. Your joyfulness becomes very attractive-- first and foremost to you!


So it was fun to get this note from a client who thought she was just writing to get posters from me.   


We started talking a month ago and have had a fast and deep series of conversations that are shifting her toward her goals and helping her break out of a prison she had built for herself.  


She is working on a vision plan for her business in 2018, but the first signs of working together have given her a new sense of freedom and liberation from her hamster wheel and lack monster.


I don't know how to be with this early review.  I am glad in my heart and confess I feel awkward sharing.   I'm sharing so you can see the power of  simply connecting. 


And indirectly it can help you see how I can serve people who were suffering and are now learning to tune to their own loving kindness and wisdom in what poet David Whyte calls "the conversational nature of reality."  


Here is an excerpt from a recent letter from this client: 


 "Thanks for our conversation.  I am so excited ... my best friend is going to be so thrilled for me to be finding this place of light and love...


All these patterns are changing, I am fully seeing myself inside all this amazing synchronicity. You, Tim, are a master tailor, within one sitting you have inspired me to open my heart and eyes to see the most luscious fabrics that have been surrounding me all the time, helping me find the tender spot where I was keeping my permission to pick up these pieces, fall in love with the colors, textures and beauty.


Also wonderful, while pulling together these pieces, I'm getting practice acknowledging the little one inside of me repeating her incredulous disbelief that I have had access to these materials all along and what took me so long. I am hearing her and helping her let go of that judgement and replace it with excitement of this new time with compassion and understanding of what I know it feels like to be ignored and then to be heard and then to be held and then to melt into that and into it all."


Shift:  Do  you know someone who you'd like to see stop suffering and turn toward their joy?  Please ask them to get in touch when it serves them. 


Sure--  get in touch because time here on this beautiful planet is limited. 


But also give me a call or email because you want to see your own light come shining, that you believe love is a verb and want to live more fully at home and work and play.

 Peace of wild things to you. 



206 271 3490




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