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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.

Henry David Thoreau


I'm a thought partner helping you discover courage and inner strength to live the life you imagine. 


Connect here to set up a free session today.

Typical kickstarter questions: 


What is your biggest challenge?

What are 2 or 3 obstacles to success?

The first session is free to see if you feel there is a connection between us. 


Two or three days later we can talk on the phone and see if you want to continue working together.

Ways I coach:


Walk and talk around Green Lake to help you tune in to Mother Earth's glad tidings and to your aspirations and obstacles getting them.  I do this to create a brief context for you to drop away from screens and the systems you are living in and free yourself up with a walk in fresh air.

I also talk on the phone or zoom if that is more convenient.


Make an appointment today.


This is a gift of time to talk, transform difficulties into treasures.




$50 to $150 a session sliding scale you decide.

It is a sobering thought that the finest act
of love you can perform is not an act of
service but an act of contemplation,
of seeing.
When you serve people you help, support,
comfort, alleviate pain.
When you see them in their inner beauty
and goodness you transform and create.


~ Anthony de Mello

Leadership coaching facilitating deep listening and helping leaders in your organization deepen connection, ignite creativity, curiosity and spark inquiry. 


Thought partnering with you results include inner peace and improved effectiveness meeting work goals, conflict resolution and nonviolent communication. 

Do you run a small business or green non profit with 2 to 10 directors?

Presence and listening is the ground for transformation.  In the present moment is where we have the most influence about creating our future.

Learn how to grow more emotionally intelligent, first toward yourself.

Tool chest:  Liberating Structures, nonviolent communication, silence and learning from reconnecting with Mother Nature to support and collaborate, have some fun befriending yourself, envisioning your future with compassion and vitality.

Custom retreats available Yosemite, Grand Canyon, North Cascades and Olympic mountains with guides.


Clients include a range of people across class lines.  Directors at Google, Microsoft, Amazon, start up executives, and leaders growing a greener, socially just world. 


I also volunteer coach people living on the street and have a keen interest in inner peace to interbeing between humans and all plants and animals a chance.







Mary Oliver

I love helping fellow artists, activists and entrepreneurs who want to change the world find inner peace and spiritual practices that help you turn your dreams into reality.  The extra energy you get can catapult you into action toward your dreams.


I coach executive leadership coaches and psychotherapists.  


How can I help make a radical reset from scarcity and fear to tap into sustained loving abundance? 


Three years ago I hired Tim Colman as my life coach. I had retired a couple years before, and felt I needed an outside, neutral perspective to bounce ideas off, and to challenge me to confront my tendency toward indecision and inaction. My search for life coaches had not turned up people who worked with clients in person, and no males. I had met Tim briefly at a coffee shop and thought he did some sort of counseling, so I reached out to him to see if he could help.


It turned out coaching was exactly what he did, and after a walk around Green Lake, I realized that we could comfortably work together to define my goals, and put together actionable plans to achieve them.


Over for nearly 2 years we met every couple of weeks or so, orbiting Green Lake, and working through such issues as getting my will in order, planning a two month stay in Mexico, and ultimately starting up a small non-profit called Grow It Forward Restoration based on combining my interests in gardening, trees, habitat restoration, and connecting with others. Having much experience in fund raising for non-profits, Tim was instrumental in giving me confidence that my ideas were achievable.


Over those last 3 years, I put together an organization that has attracted over 100 volunteers, engaging them in supplying close to 10,000 native tree seedlings so far to local habitat restoration organizations. It has proven far more successful than I had imagined and would not have happened without Tim’s experienced, poetic and sincere engagement. I strongly believe he can be just the catalyst for others as he was for me.


James P. Wright

President, Grow It Forward Restoration

Thank you for the work that you have done with Environmental Work. It has truly been transformative and important work. Your insights and guidance have helped get us unstuck around a number of issues and provided a path for us to work together more productively. 


Roger Tucker, Executive Director (retired)

Environmental Works

Timothy Colman was born to do this work. With a great breadth and depth of psychological, spiritual, and intellectual knowledge; animated by a dynamic curiosity and passion for life, Tim facilitates non-judgmental, eye-opening dialogue and reflection, midwifing new possibilities and personal growth with insight, wisdom, and compassion. You will be enriched, nourished, and enlarged through your interactions.


Alexandra Halsey, writer, editor

In just a few months Timothy Colman helped me turn my losses into opportunities and my skills into a career that feeds my soul. His insight, experience, and ability to go deep into areas that were keeping me stuck, shifted the way I see my future and catapulted my confidence, (plus I lost 15 lbs and got in shape along the way). This is what life coaching is all about!


Blair Delaubenfels, international public speaker

Tim is a loving soul. Walking around Green Lake with him is less like coaching and more like a meditation. Every tree, every leaf, every bird brings a new idea, concept or awareness that Tim surfaces with compassion and tenderness. Working with Tim doesn’t feel like work, it’s more a kind of positive nurturing in a beautiful natural setting.

Marc Sachnoff, former Director Microsoft

Modern Wisdom Leadership Institute

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