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Past collaborations

Mike Lee
"Those cedars, firs and hemlocks that have you confused when trying to identify them can now be easily recognized on a handsome 2' x 3' poster… With this on the wall by the breakfast table, you'll soon know 32 of them at a glance…" 
George Waters, Former Editor Pacific Horticulture Magazine

"This grand tree poster… one that not only looks good and lets the eye wander, but actually comes in handy: Northwest Native Conifers is an elegant rendering."
Eric Scigliano The Seattle Weekly

"It is a joy to have art work that truly captures the characteristic color and bearing of trees. Viewers need only imagine the resinous forest fragrance, its whispering sounds and birds songs."
Arthur Lee Jacobson, Author, North American Landscape Trees

"Northwest Woodland Wildflowers offers you a stunning print on thick, creamy paper, richly illustrated by award winning botanical illustrator Jean Emmons. Here 34 gorgeous garden worthy native flowers are portrayed in a forest vignette. The painting manages to be both dazzling from across the room and incredibly detailed close at hand, where further inspection rewards the eye endlessly."
Ann Lovejoy, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

As Seen in New York State Conservationist and 
Boston Globe 
These wildflowers blend right into the background of this scene 🌼😍🌼 don't you just adore our PNW
Norhtwest Woodland Wildflowers-2
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