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Astra Taylor writing about real security for American workers

I love this conversation in Current Affairs, and recommend you read it.

As someone who grew up in Detroit in the 50's and 60's I saw first hand how capitalists create jobs and then the manager class takes over and profits become the imperative over meaningful work.

The result with Citizens United letting Congress go to the highest bidder is a country that trashes the working class, keeps us permanently precarious.

So we end up with feudal rule by a few very rich people who largely got their wealth through inheritance.

What is the cure for this insecurity? Read Taylor's thoughts, and let me know what you recommend.

I want higher taxes on the rich, a return to Eisenhower tax rates on wealth at 90% like we had in the 50's.

In fact all the yammering about DEI, abortion and LGBTQ attacks are grounded in a rotating battery of distraction to fill the air with chaos instead of having substantive conversations about taxing the rich so they pay their fair share.

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