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6 paths to Inner Peace: Free yourself from prison and attachments.

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

I thought I'd share a few starting places for healthy habits that create a universe of loving kindness.

1. Got problems? Need to make changes and not sure which way?

Solid first aid on your own is Byron Katie's The Work. Why do I like it?

Simple, effective and free.

Byron Katie has a brief learning curve on youtube if you aren't familiar with her work.

The quality of your work can be measured by how much you actually fill in her worksheets and get to the end where she asks a profound question.

Find out now!

2. Dick Schwartz's IFS changed the way I saw people. It has been liberating and relaxed my need to fix. So I'm a better listener with Inner Family Systems understanding that we are multitudes. Walt Whitman was right! And b onus, otter daughter Katie is reading No Bad Parts.

3. Get outside! I walk 2 hours a day on average, and swim on a masters team. I think 85% of our healthcare is getting in motion outside, talking with trees, singing to birds and bees. We are primates embedded in Mother Earth, not separate from her.

Look closely right around you on the ground:

4. Create campfire circles: 3-5 people that join together to talk about your dreams and obstacles to them.

5. Read Anthony De Mello's The Way To Love

6. Create exercise teams to get you started every day early in the morning. Make a circle of friends who create a secular community. Masters swimming 5 AM community makes everything flow - for 25 years.

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