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Chef Andres is right. Israel targeted his friends. This Israeli war is a test for us. My bet is US policy and technology targeted with AI we developed.

Just watch this monstrous war in the Middle East against humanity. When the war crimes commission finds out it was American targeting the aid workers, are you going to be shocked?

Shitty behavior like what Israel is doing to Palestinians is also testing your abiity to take and not respond to violence against aid workers, journalists, all the UN agencies that are delivering aid to the concentration camp that is Gaza and the West Bank. And it isn't just Israel. This story is from Ukraine in Rolling Stone Magazine with aid workers being attacked by bot drones.

You and I see human carnage. We usually don't connect the dots that this suffering is another day at the office for the so called Defense businesses. Microsoft, Google, FB Elon Musk's hydraheaded AI...

They're selling the targeting of these aid workers and Palestinians to their next client who can be just as vicious to their "others".

Mind you there is no evidence yet on the connection to Biden and the US War Party, but Biden and Congress has allowed this carnage, has set the stage for bad actors with AI to target with impunity. And then cover it up.

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