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Grateful to Guide

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Thank you for the work that you have done with Environmental Works. It has truly been transformative and important work. Your insights and guidance have helped get us unstuck around a number of issues and provided a path for us to work together more productively.

Roger Tucker, former Executive Director

Environmental Works

Environmental Works is a leader in the radical idea that everyone should have a home. Eworks team of 30 architects and landscape designers are helping people living in Seattle find support and affordable housing.

I had the honor of coaching Environmental Works leadership team Sally, Roger, Nic and Roger through a leadership transition to a new Executive Director and be a sounding board for the rapid shift online during the pandemic.

Are you working for a greener more just world? Let's connect. I help people have a greater impact in life to help you transform obstacles into energy that changes the world.

Ready? Set? Grow!

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