Creating a path to happiness
  • Creating a path to happiness

    One hour coaching with me to help you gain clarity and deeper listening.


    Most people experience an inner critic that causes suffering, keeps you playing small, curled when opportunity knocks. 


    But what if that loud voice in your head isnt you?   Discovering this center of us all is a gift of good conversation and challenging some of your old interpretations, assumptions about suffering thoughts. 


    The opportunity costs creating your art, writing your book, playing it safe in relationships with people are just a few reasons to find your way to curiosity and creativity. 


    First session working together is to create safe space to talk about problems you want to solve.


    Follow up sessions as needed focus on


    small wins


    obstacles to success as you define it


    I've helped a few people change their life and welcome the chance to help you. 


    Skills of adult mindset are curioisty and kindness, creativity and compassion.


    Ways you can facilitate adult mindset?





    Artwork (painting, free flow writing, singing, dance, theater...)

    Create connections- small mastermind groups to learn and grow together

    Talk with trees, sing with birds, fly with bees to get Mother Nature's glad tidings and let go of the illusion we are separate from nature. 


    Meditation:  simply sit still for 15 minutes.  Observe the thoughtstream.  Advanced course:  look up metta meditation.