NW Native Conifers Poster

NW Native Conifers Poster

36" x 24"
The Northwest Native Conifers poster illustrated in color pencil by award winning artist Michael Lee features thirty-two species of cone-bearing trees native to the Pacific Northwest bioregion. The center of the poster shows the tree shape and their relative height at maturity. The outer edges of the poster have each species shown individually illustrating the needle shape and type of cone for identification. Number cross indexing allows you to locate the selected species on the poster.

Available as a poster: on paper for $29.99 ea, laminated $39.99

  • Northwest Conifers poster field guide species list

    Northwest Native Conifers Poster -Artist- Michael Lee -Size- 24" x 36"
    Common Juniper - Rocky Mountain Juniper -Western Juniper - Modoc Cypress - Port Orford Cedar - Alaska Yellow Cedar - Western Red Cedar - Incense Cedar - Sub-alpine Fir - Noble Fir - Red Fir - White Fir - Pacific Silver Fir - Grand Fir - Douglas Fir - Sitka Spruce - Weeping Spruce - Englemann Spruce - Mountain Hemlock - Western Hemlock - Pacific Yew - Coast Redwood - Lodgepole Pine - Knobcone Pine - Ponderosa Pine - Jeffrey Pine - Sugar Pine - Western White Pine - Limber Pine - White-bark Pine - Alpine Larch - Western Larch