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NW Native Conifers poster field guide

NW Native Conifers poster field guide

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most beautiful and iconic trees in North America. Take some time to explore and connect with this glorious coastal temperate rainforest landscape.   


Need help recognizing the trees of the Pacific Northwest? Look no further than this comprehensive poster field guide! We have everything you need to know in order to identify them with ease.


Learn to identify many of the coniferous and broadleaf trees found in SE Alaska, BC, Washington, Oregon and northern California. 


Size: 36" x 24" poster field guide illustrated in color pencil by Michael Lee, landscape architect. 


Printed on FSC green paper in Seattle.

The Northwest Native Conifers poster illustrated in color pencil by award winning artist Michael Lee features thirty-two species of cone-bearing trees native to the Pacific Northwest bioregion.


The center of the poster shows the tree shape and their relative height at maturity.


The border of our poster has each species shown individually illustrating the needle shape and type of cone for identification. Number cross indexing allows you to locate the selected species on the poster.


The Northwest is home to an amazing variety of native conifer species, some of which you may have never heard of. From Western White Pine and Sugar Pine to Alpine Larch and Western Larch, this field guide poster provides detailed information on more than thirty different types of conifers living in the region. Learn about what makes them unique and discover their fascinating characteristics!


Identifying common conifer species in the Northwest can be a challenging task, but this field guide poster makes it easy. With information about leaf type, seed type and more, you can easily identify many prevalent varieties like Western White Pine, Douglas-fir, Ponderosa Pine and Lodgepole Pine. With illustrations of each species from cones and needles, you'll be able to identify them quickly and accurately in the wild.


Northwest Native Conifers Poster Artist- Michael Lee


Common Juniper Juniperus communis


Rocky Mountain Juniper Juniperus scopulorum


Western Juniper Juniperus occidentalis


Modoc Cypress  Cupressus bakeri


Port Orford Cedar aka Lawson's Cypress  Chamaecyparis lawsoniana


Alaska Yellow Cedar aka Yellow cypress, Nootka False Cypress Callitropsis nootkatensis


Western Red Cedar aka Pacific redcedar, giant arborvitae, western arborvitae, just cedar, giant cedar, or shinglewood Thuja plicata


Incense Cedar aka California incense-cedar Calocedrus decurrens


Sub-alpine Fir aka Rocky Mountain fir  Abies lasiocarpa


Noble Fir aka Christmas Tree and Abies procera


Red Fir Abies magnifica


White Fir Abies concolor


Pacific Silver Fir Abies amabilis


Grand Fir aka giant fir, lowland white fir, great silver fir, western white fir, Vancouver fir, or Oregon fir  Abies grandis


Douglas Fir  Douglas fir, Douglas-fir, Douglas tree, Oregon pine and Bigcone spruce Pseudotsuga menziesii


Sitka Spruce  Picea sitchensis


Weeping Spruce aka Brewer spruce Picea breweriana


Engelmann Spruce  aka white spruce,  mountain spruce, and silver spruce,  Picea engelmannii


Mountain Hemlock  Tsuga mertensiana


Western Hemlock Tsuga heterophylla


Pacific yew or Western yew, Taxus brevifolia


Coast Redwood aka coast redwood, coastal redwood, and California redwood, Sequoia sempervirens


Lodgepole Pine, aka  shore pine, Pinus contorta


Knobcone Pine, Pinus attenuata, aka Pinus tuberculata


Ponderosa Pine, Pinus ponderosa


Jeffrey Pine, aka Jeffrey's pine, yellow pine, black pine, Pinus jeffreyi


Sugar Pine, Pinus lambertiana


Western White Pine,  aka silver pine Pinus monticola


Limber Pine, Pinus flexilis


Whitebark Pine, aka whitebark pine, white bark pine, white pine, pitch pine, scrub pine, and creeping pine, Pinus albicaulis


Alpine Larch, Larix lyallii


Western Larch, Larix occidentalis


Note:  Mike Lee is a tree genius, I'm a tree poser. 



  • Northwest Conifers poster field guide species list

    Northwest Native Conifers Poster -Artist- Michael Lee -Size- 24" x 36"
    Common Juniper - Rocky Mountain Juniper -Western Juniper - Modoc Cypress - Port Orford Cedar - Alaska Yellow Cedar - Western Red Cedar - Incense Cedar - Sub-alpine Fir - Noble Fir - Red Fir - White Fir - Pacific Silver Fir - Grand Fir - Douglas Fir - Sitka Spruce - Weeping Spruce - Englemann Spruce - Mountain Hemlock - Western Hemlock - Pacific Yew - Coast Redwood - Lodgepole Pine - Knobcone Pine - Ponderosa Pine - Jeffrey Pine - Sugar Pine - Western White Pine - Limber Pine - White-bark Pine - Alpine Larch - Western Larch

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