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Pacific NW Old Growth Forest

Pacific NW Old Growth Forest

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Beautiful! Good Nature's  Old Growth Forest 

May The Forest Be With You!  


Wonderful detail in 34 native plants and animals living in the great NW temperate rainforests.

Suzanne Duranceau is a gifted artist from Montreal who's beautiful eye for detail has helped her create award winning art for the Smithsonian, the U.N. and other publishers around the world.


Species list starting in lower left corner:

Coho salmon

Western Redcedar

Sitka Spruce

Western Hemlock


Pacific yew

Steller's Jay

Lettuce Lung

White lined Sphynx moth


Field Crescent

Townsend's warbler

Red Tree vole

Little Brown Bat

Rufous Hummingbird

Pacific Treefrog

Tailed frog

Golden Buprestid

Pacific Dampwood Termite

Varied Thrush

Oregon Beaked Moss

Douglas Squirrel

Pileated Woodpecker

Bigleaf Maple

Red Alder

Northwestern Garter Snake

Wooly Chanterelle


  • Poster size, weird facts

    36" x 24" painted by Suzanne Duranceau.  This is a painting of an actual old growth forest that includes  Foxglove aka Digitalis, an invasive we brought over with us to fill in ditches.  Guess what?  It works.

    We get some complaints our Spotted owl is a Barred owl.  Who knew? 


    Spectacular painting with 3 suns and a beautiful Cedar waxwing.


    And eagles really do eat herons.



  • Tree and wildflower posters

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