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Are you in favor of a meat tax? I'm for cutting suffering of animals and climate impacts, not animals.

I'm surprised there are no notifications on meat in grocery stores to warn people of the consequences buying dead corpses of suffering animals.

Animals suffering and brutality

Shitty food. The corporate animal as product model we live in is dehumanizing and feeds violence.

We subsidize this violence and think it is normal, when eating meat is a relatively recent addition to our diets.

The externalized costs of growing animals and dairy are becoming clearer by the day. Ecological collapse from growing food stocks for cattle, pigs, chickens and goats is one of the main reasons we are destroying our remaining rainforests. Estimates are collapse begins in 10 years.

Health care improvements from a plant based diet will help society save money and increase happiness.

It may be true that we won't go to war so much. Eating meat could be one of the reasons we are so war like today.

Read on about a meat tax on dead animal corpses here.

I'm thinking of running one in Seattle.

Europe is way ahead of America on this idea of taxing bads to promote social goods.

And polling suggests that Americans are for a meat tax.

Background on the growing use of taxing bads (alcohol, pot, tobacco, meat) in the world.

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