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Ceasefire! WA State voter? Vote UNCOMMITTED not for Biden. USA has got to stop the war on these Palestinians today.

My Democratic party is going to blow up like the Republican racists have already.

Follow Megan Stack on NYT for stories on the starvation being imposed on Palestinians by the right wing government in Israel, with complete acceptance from Joe Biden and the War Party that runs our country.

Think about it if you haven't. Why are we always at war outside our country? Big money. We spend a trillion a year on the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about in the 1950's.

I'm voting UNCOMMITTED here in Washington State's primary, a primary I helped make possible to stop small caucuses determining who we support. (Steve Zemke hired me to be field director of the initiative that created the WA State Primary.)

Vote for peace against the War Party and Joe Biden. We won 13% of the vote in Michigan.

Let's match that number here in Washington State.

Mohammed Salem/Reuters

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