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Coaching notes

Kickstarting coaching with me begins with asking you two questions:

What are your biggest challenges?

What are obstacles to success? You write down draft responses to these questions and we set up time to talk and sort out how to be more purposeful, enjoy life more and create a river of quiet joy.

Imagine you are learning how to be more loving and kind to yourself and then to other people.

As hard as it is to believe, most people are not kind to themselves. So we start wit ha meditation or self blessing you can send to yourself every day. I like metta, but there is no right or wrong. You could sing Amazing Grace to yourself if this allowed you to feel connected and loving.

I also like to help change the narrative that we humans create. Consider all thought to be in the past. And the nature of thought to be division. That is to say most of our thinking arises from our experiences in the past, and we live a little bit in the present.

The present moment has a mix of peace and uncertainty in it without a story.

If you have a story going or you are deep in memories, you are in your past. Perfectly normal, and I so appreciate this is the place most people live.

If there is a problem it is usually related to a threat or embarrassment or several that keep you from realizing a dream or goal.

What is paradoxical in changing your life? Sitting still and doing nothing instead of judging yourself or inflicting pain on others. There are many kinds of meditation. Tonglen, metta are two of my favorites. I learned from Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg and Pema Chodron.

Start with a few minutes a day and build up from there. All you want to do is to observe thoughts and not act on them. Mind is sky, thoughts are clouds floating by.

Ask me now how to be here now!

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