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Coaching Notes: Begin With The End In Mind

She wants to make changes to her life and doesn't know where to begin.

Her business is growing in leaps and bounds. But she's working all the time.

The world isn't changing her like it used to when she was full of doubt. But she has been working so much she has lost touch with her desire, too.

Good time to get a coach. See this world we cannot control?

See how much easier life gets when we accept everything is always changing?

Great time to get help coaching.

Just write a letter answering these questions:

What are your biggest challenges?

What are obstacles to success as you define it?

Send me a note and we can set up a time to talk.

I'm coaching three start ups right now and have room for a 1 or 2 more coaching clients.

Sometimes just writing down your thoughtfulness and creating a conversation gives you enough emotional room to make changes in direction.

after we talk about the major challenges and obstacles, then take the next step and lead with your vision.

Begin with the end in mind.

I have a helpful exercise to get you started. Are you ready to make changes?

Once you commit the rest will fall into place.

Tiny habits change everything.

Exercise snacks give you boosts all day.

Creative daydreaming with your support community will help you manifest your dreams into reality.

Our time together is to help you focus. At the end of it you'll have a new perspective and relief about the problems you used to have seen in new light. Just by listening.

Get in touch today!

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