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Free Shipping beginning in July

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

I've made shipping free without raising prices.

What goes into a Good Nature poster design?

First, we need experts to define species list. Mike Lee is a tree genius and landscape designer in Seattle who created our bestseller NW Native Conifers.

He started us off with this species list:

Northwest Native Conifers Poster -Artist- Michael Lee -Size- 24" x 36"

Common Juniper - Rocky Mountain Juniper -Western Juniper - Modoc Cypress - Port Orford Cedar - Alaska Yellow Cedar - Western Red Cedar - Incense Cedar - Sub-alpine Fir - Noble Fir - Red Fir - White Fir - Pacific Silver Fir - Grand Fir - Douglas Fir - Sitka Spruce - Weeping Spruce - Englemann Spruce - Mountain Hemlock - Western Hemlock - Pacific Yew - Coast Redwood - Lodgepole Pine - Knobcone Pine - Ponderosa Pine - Jeffrey Pine - Sugar Pine - Western White Pine - Limber Pine - White-bark Pine - Alpine Larch - Western Larch

First draft was a black and white sketch.

Second draft after the USDA Forest Service ordered 2000 in 1995?

Color proof.

Final art delivered 2000 posters to Forest Service conservation education and we were off and running.

That was 1995. Blink of an eye.

Now I coach people creating green small businesses and volunteer in others.

But Good Nature's conifers, broadleaved trees and other posters continue to do the work we designed for them, connecting people to key flora and fauna by bioregion.

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