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How are Pharmaceutical Companies Prioritizing Profit Over Patient Care?

The Washington Post wrote a story this week on how against Biden making Medicare price drugs like they do in Canada and Europe.

A gentle reminder to the bloodsucker pharmaceutical companies who extort American taxpayers for profit when they are most vulnerable-- sick and dying- that the purpose of medicine is health care, not stock buy backs and CEO pay.

Accountable.US review found these top drug companies reported combined earnings of $81.9 billion — an over $8.8 billion increase from 2021 — while combined stock buybacks and dividends increased by $4.4 billion and $2.5 billion, respectively.

Meanwhile these same Pharma giant pirate ships manage to live with a more fair and balanced regulation in Europe and Canada.

Big Pharma wants the same trillion dollar a year spigot of unaudited taxpayer money that the oil and war machine gets: a trillion a year for killing and drilling with no oversight.

There is no end to the hoarding of the 1% by the 1%.

There can never be enough when your sand box is quarterly reports. I have 90 days until Blackrock and other Richy Rich shops declare me a success or failure?

What madness.

Remember the good old days 1954 Jonas Salk? He gave away his patent so everyone could make polio vaccines.

Last point to WAPO reporters: where is the research and reporting on the fact that we the people have bankrolled EVERY pharmaceutical developed in the last decade?

And what are prevention practices to get people fit and eating mostly plants so we don't have diabetes, heart disease created by inflammation eating sugar and processed foods?

We need a diet for a small planet.

Hats off to Biden administration for pushing this modest legislation through the corporate owned Congress.

Timothy Colman

Good Nature Publishing

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