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I like using Perplexity to answer some questions better than Google search. Here's why:

1. The layout is clean and yes, I like the fact that my bestselling NW Conifers illustrated by Mike Lee in color pencil was part of the answer the AI bot used as answer.

2. No ads! Easy to see citations for references to the choices the machine made.

3. An average storytelling answer in text with a fair and balanced "this is not that, but on the other hand..."

4. Fast.

5. Good Nature is not buried on the next page like I am now with Google most of the time thanks to my disinterest in SEO and spending much time at all on the back end of my website.

6. I'm not involved in the venture capital project, but recommend you check out the app Perplexity. We need to tax AI so the digital theft of the commons stops. Right now the design with no rules from Congress means more billionaires (most of whom start with inherited wealth) and income inequality, more biodiversity loss and low taxes on the rich.

See what you think.

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