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Reviving NW Hedgerows: How Farmers Can Protect Salmon and Livestock with Living Fences

Updated: Mar 3

I hired award winning artist Suzanne Duranceau to paint the Northwest Hedgerows to teach farmers what plants to grow along salmon bearing streams and create living fences to keep horse and cows out. Friend Valerie Easton wrote about their importance in The Seattle Times.

Northwest Hedgerows poster field guide gives you 32 native plants and a few animals you can encourage to grow as a riparian buffer. The dream scene is centered around Fall City Farm barn outside of Seattle, and a mix of birds, animals and bugs you'll find in hedgerows biodiversity sanctuaries.

If you are a conservation district and want to order quantities to teach, discounted pricing is available.

Buy 1 get 1 free online today. $35 ea and free shipping

Order 100 for $10 ea

Order 1000 for $2.99 ea

This poster is perfect for outreach and education at trade shows, spring plant sales and to teach master gardeners and salmon habitat basics.

Also available as a mini poster 12" x 18" for $3.50 ea for 10

.99 cents ea per 100+

You can send us your logo and have it imprinted on poster runs. Ask me how. Email or call for info.

The next seven generations are counting on us to be stewards of this beautiful planet. A hedgerow gives us the opportunity to do that and make a difference immediately in the lives of our cousins in the plant and animal world.

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