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Oregon and Pacific Northwest Oak Woodland Community biodiversity art for outreach and education

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Good news! Good Nature's beautiful Oak Woodland Community poster field guide to 22 plants and animals in oak woodlands is going back to press for outreach and education.

The original artwork is an oil painting I commissioned award winning artist Suzanne Duranceau to paint.

Original 24" x 18" poster is printed on FSC green 100# book weight paper

$29.99 ea Buy 1 get 1 free

Order 10 or more for $10 ea

Get 100 for $5 ea

Treemendous Teachers offer: $3.50 ea for 500+ and you can add your logo to the print run

1000+ $1.99 ea

Mini print 18" x 12" pricing:

$3.50 per 100

$1.50 ea for 500 or more

.99 cents ea per 1000

You can add interpretive info to the back of this poster and we will print it. We can help with the interp design if you need it.

Oak Woodland Community poster also comes with the title Pacific Northwest Oak Woodland Community if you are protecting oaks across state lines.

Species list:

• Californian Quails • Nuttall's woodpecker • Acorn Woodpecker • Western Blue bird • Yellow-billed Magpie • Anna's Hummingbird • Lazuli Bunting • Cooper's Hawk
• Dusky Footed woodrat • Black Bear • Mountain Lion • Mule deers • Gray fox • Rabbit
• Butterfly California Dogface
• Coast Live Oak • Maple vine • Poison oak • Californian poppies • Sticky Monkey Flowers • Blue Oaks • Madrone tree • Valley Oak • Willow • Black Oaks • Golden Chanterelle
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