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"Reimagining Presidential Campaign Coverage: Leading with 7 Generations in Mind"

Where is a national party candidate talking about fundamental working class problems? Ecosystem collapse? Record plant and animal extinction by our species hands.

Where is the galvanizing declaration for a vision of our collective future, considering the next seven generations?

Where is the paper of record for that matter? In a horse race? What a wasteland.

We have a convicted criminal wearing Depends running against the War Party.

This is not my country tis of thee. Over 60% of Americans are living in the precarious Dollar Store economy, with no savings and trillions in debt.

Biden is silent on ceasefire in Israel's genocide.

There is nothing in your story about Turnip's anti abortion plank that is a huge working class issue.

Biden needs to run to the middle and restore taxes on Richy Rich that Turnip cut.

Cap interest rates of the parasitic credit card companies to 3% above prime.

Create a union driven transit building company the size of Boeing and make it a national priority

Push for $20 an hour-- what our minimum wage in Seattle is now and talk about how anti market the right wing is.

Push for Americans to work out. Biden is in good shape for 80. He should flaunt it with some choreographed fitness instruction.

I know a few million boomers who could use his encouragement.

Why on Earth are we not cutting the Military contractors trillion on a year slush fund and not investing half a trillion in social housing?

Meanwhile Turnip is meeting with the billionaires -- another public policy error to fund his $500,000,000 fine growing at $112,000 a day.

Will Elon Musk and the other tech billionaires rescue a racist criminal? \

Will Biden finally quit and let any of 4 governors from PA, MI, IL or MN run for President?

Where is the primary courage folks?

Where are any new ideas to deal with our ecosystems collapsing before our eyes, insect and other animals going extinct?

Basta! Dream big Democrats. Build America from the ground up. And make room for our cousins in the plant and animal world. Turn ecosystem collapse into a new world being born.

Tim Colman

Good Nature Publishing

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