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Stop the war on fellow Americans

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

We're living in an undeclared war on fellow Americans. Weapons of war are killing us daily.

Has to stop.

I so appreciate the Tennessee representatives speaking up and standing up for me here in Seattle.

I'm about as white and secular as it gets, but just loved this articulate speech by Representative Pearson this week.

The whole point of learning about trees and plants and animals is to slowly see there is no "you" without them. The spiritual development of us as human beings is recognition of our interbeing.

But what are we learning about life when there is no pause to stop this war?

Aren't we shot and killed when our babies in schools and their teachers are murdered?

I'm wounded by the daily mass shootings in my country tis of thee.

Can we go on with business as usual, writing and publishing as if everything is alright, when we are in the midst of an uncivil undeclared war on fellow Americans?

For instance, I'm struck by how our communal species has been crucified by weapons of war.

How do you make sense of this gap between our kind hearts and our disinterest in stopping the madness?

Just this week in Tennessee the Republiklan party kicked out two young Black Americans who represent Nashville and Memphis.

Their sin was to stop business as usual and stop the madness of ignoring the murder of school children and teachers in Tennessee.

They were politically lynched by a white mob in the legislature for speaking up for our dead.

Maybe it is seeing my newspaper delivery manager dead on the floor of the Detroit News station near my home when I was 13 years old back in 1967. He'd been robbed for a few bucks and killed early in the morning. He was the first person I'd seen murdered.

I just don't want to live in this country where we go on with business as usual having human sacrifices to gun gods and the god of profit.

Australia is a country like ours-- stole land, declared it was "ours" meaning whites rule it in spite of history. They created a liberal democracy while ignoring slavery and genocide. They manage to continue life without assault weapons which were banned.

How do we keep this skip in the record going? What is it going to take?

We've got a kid. You have family?

Help me understand how we keep business as usual in the face of this undeclared war on our fellow Americans.

Thanks for reading. Hope you see Pearson's speech with two friends next to him.

Thanks for reading.

Timothy Colman

Has to stop.

Stop the war!

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