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Support and collaboration openings

I've got a limited number of coaching spots available.

Are you crossing a threshold?

Working on how to come to terms with the river of grief and joy in this world today?

Interested in getting clarity about thoughts and suffering that feel like a skip in your record?

Are you interested in changing the world, figuring out a way to contribute and build community?

I offer support and collaboration, readings and homework to create a safe structure and explore what's possible for you creating your future.

Nuts and bolts: Corporate team work is $1500 a session with up to 10 leaders

Individuals are $150 a session once a month.

What are your biggest challenges?

What are obstacles to success?

I'm particularly interested in working with people revolting from the crazy idea that we are individuals who see trees, plants and other animals as objects.

A new world is being born. Happy to listen and see how I can help.

Next steps? Write me a text @ 206 271 3490 or email me from Good Nature Publishing.

Expect to have fun and learn a couple things right away that bring curiosity and kindness to your way of seeing.

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