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Underneath a dead log, nothing is dead. I'm lichen this scene with some fungus among us, too.

Photo credit: Megan Madden

There is no need to worry about death. It is of no concern to us. You know how to enjoy life even more today? See that you will soon be food for these beautiful forces of nature.

In the big scheme of things, we are always changing. If you are stuck or want ot talk about how to cross a threshold, ask yourself a couple questions:

What is your biggest challenge?

What are obstacles to success as you define it?

How can you bring more ease and joy into your life today?

We're only here for a little while. Let's support and collaborate with each other for a greener more just world. After we have returned to soil of Mother Earth, we can die happy knowing we have made a contribution toward a better world and served others.

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