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Whidbey Island Ebey's Landing

Hiked Ebey's Landing this week. This is the view on the way to the bluff trail, a sandy edge space between the land and the Salish Sea.

Lately I've been thinking feeling through the wild idea that we can own land. The White settlers killed most of the indigenous tribes and declared themselves owners of land.

The native people thought the first settlers were crazy.

People came and went on the land according to the seasons, the fish, the game, the rhyme and reasons being present to how to survive.

What is the real name for this land? What was it called before 1850 when Ebey declared it his own?

Ebey fought for the land, and eventually lost his head quite literally.

But there is no notation anywhere of the Salish tribes that lived here, or how they carried on their lives.

I love the farm and open space here. I love the sharp bright yellows flowering out of a sea of green, and the contrast with the gray green ocean reflecting the gray cloudy day in an infinite conversation.

Beautiful world.

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