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NW Woodland Wildflowers by Jean Emmons

NW Woodland Wildflowers by Jean Emmons

Large 36" x 24" .


Amazing artist Jean Emmons painted this beautiful scene with dry watercolor in the late 90's before she became famous.  See Jean's fine art here.


Order here and you'll get  NW Wildflowers as a 12" x 18"  mini print

NW Old Growth,

NW Conifers,

NW Broadleaved Trees,

Native Wildflowers





Wildflowers included on print:

• Oregon Grape • Wild Ginger • Twinflower • Western Dog Violet • Western Corydalis • Wood Nymph • Western Trillium • Wild Bleeding Heart • Oregon Windflower • Columbia Lily • Fairy Bells • Wild Lily-Of-The-Valley • Fairy Slipper • Grass Of Parnassus • Ground Cone • Evergreen Huckleberry • Pink Fawn-Lily • Yellow Lady-Slipper • Nootka Rose • Rattlesnake • Plantain • Bunchberry • Indian Pipe • Vanilla Leaf • Pacific Rhododendron • Sword Fern • Salal • Salmonberry • Skunk Cabbage • Wood Sorrel • Spotted Coral-Root • Starflower • Western Columbine • Stream Violet • Queen's Cup



Wildflower image

Common and botanical names

Illustrated by award winning watercolorist Jean Emmons


Designed and published by forest elves in Washington USA on quality 100# book weight paper

  • Tree and wildflower posters

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