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Governor Noem's Shooting her Goat and Dog Got Me Thinking

Updated: 6 days ago

Why do we limit our condemnation to her killing her dog?

By Lori Marino of The Whale Sanctuary Project

My two cents:

I think we'll radically reduce or stop eating meat as more people become aware they are our cousins biologically and emotionally.

Climate costs, health costs and animals suffering are the trifecta that got me eating mostly plants.

The picture of a farm worker reaching into a cow's rear end to find her uterus, then inseminate her uterus with a syringe is what finally got me to stop eating dairy. I don't know why the calves being separated at birth didn't do it.

I was listening to Nate Haggens talk with Robert Sapolsky about how he stopped eating pigs 10 years ago by learning that pigs are smarter than dogs.

Haggens said he imagined a truck full of Golden retrievers that he loves being hauled in a truck to the slaughterhouse.

And that picture in his mind stopped him.

What will it take for other Americans?

Hemingway offers a clue:

“How did you go bankrupt?"

Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”

  ― Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

We could label each animal corpse's in the grocery store with a picture of their face and a QR code showing how s/he was cared for in a factory and then slaughtered.

I've imagined a simple traffic light label on animal bodies in the store to snap people out of trance.

Red: high suffering violence eat sparingly

Amber: caution

Green: Go wild!

It would be relatively easy to measure

animal suffering

farm and slaughterhouse workers safety and pay ( a special concern with children cleaning slaughterhouses in America today.)

health impacts on your body

climate impacts of raising animals, rainforests around the world being decimated for corn, wheat, soy to feed 80 billion animals we slaughter every year.

How about a tax on animal suffering and environmental pollution of factory farms?

The amazing thing about eating all plants even for 30 days is how much better people feel.

Makes sense when you think of how eating meat you are eating animals that are stressed and sick, crowded and unhappy. Check out Dr. Greger among others.

We are what we eat.

Timothy Colman

Seattle WA

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