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Old friends taught me how to talk with trees. You can, too. Here are secret tips:

Some old friends in our family on the Heather Lake trail in North Cascades. I love talking with them. They are so kind and chatty.

Big trees are our ancestors as sure as your grandparents and great grandparents. Have you thought about the wonderful world we inhabit with billions of other species, all the air and water and rocky mountains that are our life force?

That looking through the lens of all our parts, categories, concepts is helpful navigating the art and science of living, being a biological organism, and wisdom helps us make decisions to protect our air and water from less thoughtful monsters in corporate clothes.

So just keep it simple when talking with trees. Step toward one and offer her or him a name.

Realize you are looking at an individual who had a Mom and Dad tree just like you

And then remember our living on this beautiful planet is because trees breathe out and we breathe in...

  1. Send metta meditation or best wishes telepathically to a tree you like.

(Metta is: may you be safe, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be free.)

2. Check in with your breath and make an effort to breathe through your nose, breathe relaxed deeper belly breaths to your tree friend.

3. Find a name for your new friend. Thank her or him for being there when you needed a tree friend.

Practice saying thank you and hello daily for 3 weeks and then circle back and check in after daily practice, see how you are doing.

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