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Our Tree Elves are busy in December

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Hi from Seattle. Good Nature's tree elves are busy getting holiday presents in the mail more quickly than usual.

We mail all our boxes USPS Priority Mail. Seattle to Eugene Oregon is sometimes overnight. Midwest a few days and for some reason NY and east coast is the same. Rural deliveries add another day.

Thank you to USPS for helping make this small business work.

If you want posters after the 22nd, overnight or 2 day UPS is the way to go.

Hope this is helpful. Otherwise we are anti Amazon, which can only offer fast service. We make everything here, and generally will ship every 7-10 days. So if you want something faster, use the ancient tech phone and give me a call.

Thanks and hope you are enjoying life and love and work and food. The root work of these posters is to help people grow a muscle to learn about our fellow travelers on this Earth, particularly the magnificent Cascadia bioregion.

We are shifting rapidly toward seeing Mother Earth as sacred after hundreds of years of capitalist exploitation and calling trees, plants, rocks and rivers and streams, our ocean a "resource." The consequences of plundering the wonder may cause our extinction. I am working for a greener more just world, a new world being born that is rooted in wisdom of our aboriginal ancestors. Learn the names of trees. Talk with them. Know their names. Let them know yours...plant sequoias

Giant Sequoia by John C. Pitcher- magnificent artist out of Dorset, Vermont.

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