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Pro abortion rights. Stand up for women, organize!

Women get to decide what to do with their bodies.

What people who are winning the class war don't consider is how having babies is an economic issue. For those of us left in the middle class, it is a happy burden creating a family we choose to make.

For people who are stranded in the fast growing Dollar Store economy -- 50% of Americans, having a baby when life is already precarious is form of enslavement, especially with few pro family policies such as health care, pre school, and guaranteed work, a universal basic income.

Rebecca Solnit writes about the economic consequences of the anti abortion fascists dicktating to women. And I do mean dicktating. The anti abortion movement is fueled by men who want to live in a fantasy world where women's necks are under men's boots.

The good news is by organizing we can fight the white wingers and create a greener more just world, one where you get to choose if and when to have a family.

Here are some groups to connect with today:

ACLU links to abortion rights groups

Mother Earth gave us beautiful bodies we get to control.

Find your way to Rebecca Solnit's books here.

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