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Same as it always was...a poem by Adam Zagajewski

Blossoms in spring light @ Green Lake Seattle by Tim Colman

We don't know who we are.

We are lost in the forest, and the black stars

move lazily above us as if they were 

only our dream.

But still, the second angel mumbled shyly,

there's always a little joy, and even beauty

 lies close at hand, beneath the bark

 of every hour, in the quiet heart of concentration,

 and another person hides in each of us -

 universal, strong, invincible.


Memory lives in the ocean, in galloping blood,

in black, burnt stones, in poems,

and in every quiet conversation.

The world is the same as it always was,

full of shadows and anticipation.

from Three Angels

 translated by Clare Cavanagh

via The Beauty We Love

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