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Spring forth! New coaching program to help you make changes you want

I'm beginning a new coaching program that is simple, once a month deep dive into your answers to these two kickstarter questions:

What are your biggest challenges?

What are obstacles to success?

I like working with people in start ups,and leaders working for a greener more just world.

I'll keep this short and sweet. Reach out if you have crossed your 30's and want to create a meaningful, creative and happy life.

Reply and we can get started on changes you want to make today.

Sessions are 1 hour plus notes and email check ins. Fee is a straight $150.

Program is most effective for 6 months to let you see changes you want to make. There is no contract. That is just my experience coaching.

Where are you headed? Whatever you are thinking about making changes for in your life, kindness and creativity, curiosity are the hallmarks of adult mindset.

This awareness requires a shift from goals and objectives to a daily practice and understanding of your own learning process.

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